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Why Deadpool?
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First Deadpool has his own game!
Second His absolute nonsense is comical!
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"Deadpool" formerly known as Wade Wilson was a Canadian mercenary who over the course of his career contracted cancer. When he heard he was terminally ill he left his love Vanessa Carlysle not wanting her to spend the rest of her life taking care of a dyeing man. Later he was offered hope from Department K, a special weapons branch in the Canadian Government who wanted to use him as a genetic experiment for the Weapon X Program(a superhuman enhancement project).

The experiment temporarily cured Wilson's cancer by artificially creating the very same healing factor of Wolverine. However, when he killed one of his teammates he was kicked out of the project and sent where other failed genetic experiments go. Here the patients were experimented on in sadistic ways to see how long they would survive...(Sadly this story is quite long and gruesome so I'll have to stop while it's still PG)

Video game Edit

If you are into gruesome deaths, nautical nonsense, severe cases of potty mouth, and lots of explosions this game is for you!

Check it out!

New Deadpool Trailer! - Official Videogame Trailer

New Deadpool Trailer! - Official Videogame Trailer

DEADPOOL - TEST FOOTAGE - - HD - -Ft Ryan Reynolds-

DEADPOOL - TEST FOOTAGE - - HD - -Ft Ryan Reynolds-

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This here is the test footage for Marvel's new Deadpool movie! Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the green light from the studio, but that is the only hurdle stopping this movie from being EPIC!!!