The Green Lantern


  • Name : Alan Scott
  • From : Planet Oa
  • Occupation : Guardian of the Universe
  • Green Lantern Corps : The first green lantern to start the organization


The first Green Lantern was Alan Scott whose power came through magical properties, but it is with subsequent Green Lanterns that most people are familiar with. These Green Lanterns originate from a distant planet named Oa. On this planet is a race of beings known as the Guardians of the Universe. A highly intelligent and powerful race, these creatures wanted to help bring order and justice to the universe.

To do so, they created an energy source known as the Central Battery, an energy source comprised solely of willpower alone. The Guardians also created a device called a Power Ring, which could tap into the power of the Central Battery if the user had sufficient willpower. The wielders of these Power Rings were to champions of the universe and were to protect and help those in need. They were known as the Green Lantern Corps.


  • The made a movie about the basic story line staring Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern from Earth. 
  • The informational video talks about all of the green lanterns from earth. 
Green Lantern Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Green Lantern Movie Trailer Official (HD)

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History Of All The Green Lanterns Of Earth!-1

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