War Machine
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War Machine Origins Edit

  • Name:  James Rupert "Rhodney" Roads
  • From: Philadelphia, PA
  • Occupation:  Lieutenant - United States Marine Corps (Pilot)
  • Stark  Industries:  Served as Tony Stark's Personal Pilot
    • Briefly served as Stark Industries CEO after Tony Stark's supposed death

The Story Edit

Lieutenant Rhodes was serving in Southeast Asia when his helicopter was shot down. This is where he met Tony Stark. After they escaped the POW camp Lieutenant Rhodes became Tony's personal pilot and close friend. During a relapse into alcoholism Tony Stark's alternate persona "Iron Man" was defeated buy super villain Magma. This was the first time Rhodes put on the Iron man Armor. Rhodes defeated Magma as Iron man and saved Stark industries. Tony Stark then asked Rhodes to take over as Iron Man. Rhodes did just that and had much success as Iron man. Eventually the effects of the armor took its toll on Rhodes as it was not made for him. The armor being specifically designed for Tony Stark's brain waves took a neurological toll. Rhodes had to discontinue his use of the armor and seek a cure for his Headaches and uncontrollable rage. After he was cured Rhodes returned to Stark Industries. He then became the CEO of Stark industries after Tony Stark's supposed death. Tony not only left Rhodes in control of Stark Industries, but also left him a suit of specialized armor. When Tony Stark returned from the grave, Rhodes was very angry and went out on his own. Thus War Machine was born.

Iron Man and War Machine vs

Iron Man and War Machine vs. Hammer Drones - Iron Man 2

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