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The X-Men are a fictional team or group of great heroes that do exist in the publications of the comic books of the America by the Marvel Comics. They are believed to have been created by Stan Lee the writer and Jack Kirby the artist. They normally occur among the Marvel Comics which are highly famous and have the lucrative traits of intellectual as it appears in the great books, shows on televisions, videos and films.
They are mutants’ humans given birth possessing the abilities of a superhuman. They are involved in a fight which normally targets to maintain peace between the mutants and humans in the parts of the world where there is wide spread of anti-mutant bigotry. X-Men are normally popular due to their regular meetings with their archenemy Magneto, the brotherhood of mutants, the mister sinister, hellfire club and apocalypse. The X-Men do poses a degree of some honor and do engage in fight for the people or individuals like Magneto and will do anything to give protection to those who are weak against the thugs and bullies.


Wolverine is one of the best exciting super hero characters from the marvels. Wolverine is a supernatural character whom have the power of rapid cell regeneration. Initially the bones and claws of the wolverine were ordinary similar to the bones of the humans. But later, a secret Canadian organization injected adamantium metal inside him and transformed his skeleton and claws unbreakable. Wolverine have a larger lifespan compared with other humans and mutants. This is due to the super power of rapid cell regeneration which produces new cells if a cell is died and thereby reducing the aging process. Wolverine is not immortal even with the power of faster cell regeneration. If the vital organs were severely damaged or the body is fully burnt, then wolverine will die. As trained as a soldier, wolverine can handle many weapons. Initially the character is created to face hulk and then later due to the character’s importance, wolverine is added to the mutant members.

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Experience one of the most iconic X-Men stories as never before in "Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past" See the Game trailer below.

Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past - Game Trailer

Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past - Game Trailer

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